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Pack Types in Freman Web v2.18 | December 2017

Posted on 4 December 2017

Pack types - Improving consignment information in Freman Web

We’ve added a new field to our New Consignment Note page called ‘Pack Type’ and a list of standard Pack Types to help capture more information on what we’re picking up and delivering for our customers.

Pack Type Look Up

Update your saved products with the Pack Type information to speed up data-entry:

If you’re regularly sending the same products, you can save your product details via the Maintain>Products menus

Saving your product information helps reduce the time it takes to enter your consignment details by retrieving the saved product information by name or code – including description, weight, cube, dangerous goods details, and pack type.

Adding Pack Type

 Pack Type Look Up


Also included in this release:

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance Enhancements