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Mainchain System Update | June 2020

Posted on 11 June 2020

We’re always looking to make Mainchain a better and our latest release introduces the following new features. The latest Mainchain release is live and the updates are listed below. 

Status Notifications update

Notifications can help customers stay up-to-date with the latest status of their shipments.

We added more detail to the SMS and Emails including displaying: 

  • The shipment reference in the description
  • Which Brand the shipment has be sent with
  • Customer name, city and suburb




International Updates

Export house bill widget to include ETA

Widgets display the latest activity in data or graphical format. Click on the ‘Full View’ button to open and view additional fields, now including the ETA of export shipments



Hint - You can customise this view and add or remove the columns displayed by clicking the ‘Manage Columns’ button. You can also drag and drop the columns to re-order them 


Improved tracking details for international orders 

We’ve made a change to now show all the order level detail right from the moment the order is raised, regardless of the status of the booking.


Easier Document Uploads against International Shipments and Orders

You can now upload a document to International Shipments or Orders as soon as they are visible in Mainchain. Navigate to the ‘Documents’ section and click ‘Add New File to Shipment’


Updated Region/Country filters for International Reports

We’ve updated our International Reports filters by renaming the ‘Region’ field to ‘Country’. The lists now also show New Zealand, Australia, and the USA at the top of the list followed by the remaining countries in alphabetical order


OnIssue expanded to include Air and Ocean

OnIssue is our service request and issue management module in Mainchain. Our Air and Ocean customers can now create new On Issue tickets for International shipments, just like transport and warehousing

To create an OnIssue ticket click on the New Issue button in the tracking details page

Information relating to the shipment will automatically appear in the ticket in OnIssue


Additional Changes

  • Security enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated language translations