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Mainchain System Update | February 2020

Posted on 25 February 2020

We’re always looking to make Mainchain a better and our latest release introduces the following new features.

Easier warehouse selection in Stock on Hand, Warehouse Order Widgets and Advanced Search

  • We’ve added your customer codes to the Warehouse dropdown in the following places so you can more intuitively select the correct stock/account/warehouse when searching, reporting, or creating new warehouse orders.
  • Simply click on the ‘Warehouse’ dropdown to select your preferred warehouse/account to filter the results:

Warehouse Order Widget



Ability to add Consignee email addresses to Warehouse Outward Orders

You can now add consignee email addresses when placing warehouse orders in Mainchain

Consignee Email Addition


Updated Warehouse Order confirmation now displays product batch numbers

To ensure your orders are being submitted for the correct SKU’s, we’ve added the batch number information to the order confirmation pop-ups so you can check the details before submitting your orders

Batch Numbers added to Order Confirmation



Quick links to Freman updated from My Consignments widget

If you have access to our new version of ‘Freman’ for creating your transport consignment notes, you can click on the + icon from the My Consignments widget to quickly open Freman and create a new consignment and relevant paperwork to accompany your freight

Quick Link to Freman in Widget




Additional Changes

  • Security enhancements
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes