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Freman Web Update v2.4 | August 2014

Posted on 5 August 2014

In this release, we have made changes and improvements around the Notifications user interface, added a banner for announcing changes and changed the EDI defaults around hire pallets

Minor Enhancements

Fixed the bug preventing the hire equipment pop-up reminder to trigger
Defaulted values for some hire details when they were not specified on the EDI file
Enabled DG signatory details to be imported with the EDI file


Changed the look of the user interface
On the New Consignment Note page, removed it from the Additional Details section and created its own section which is expanded by default
On the Maintain menu, removed it from Options and added it to Note Template
Still available under Receivers page

FremanWeb old style notifications
FremanWeb new look notification


Our aim is keep you informed on the latest changes and improvements we regularly introduce to Freman Web. We added this banner so we can keep you updated!

FremanWeb infobanner keeps you up to date with new features

Feel free to contact us via mainchainsupport@mainfreight.com with feedback or ideas on how we can improve FremanWeb even more or to find out more about FremanWeb talk to your Mainfreight Account Manager or your local branch.

NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.