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Freman Web Update | Metro Commodities October 2014

Posted on 26 September 2014

From October 1 2014, you will be asked when using our Metro service what the Commodity of your freight is, if you are based in Auckland or Sydney.

This piece of information is to allow us to streamline how we process your consignments that go through our network.

What is a commodity?

A commodity gives our team an idea on the type of package that they are picking up when you raise a consignment. It is specific to your account and matches your rates.

How this changes what I do in FremanWeb?

In FremanWeb you will now be asked when creating a new consignment and your service required is Metro, what your Commodity is. This is a required field and can be selected from a list (as shown below).

Please note: If you do not have any options available in the list, please contact your sales representative so they can set this up for you, or email mainchainsupport@mainfreight.com

Select the correct commodity for each line

Updating my products (optional)

To save yourself time, you can save the commodity against the products you have in the system.

To do this:

  • Go to Maintain Products
  • Choose your product from the list and pick the commodity from the drop down, then save

Save time by saving your commodity records

NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.