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Nationwide Dangerous Goods Transport

There are no shortcuts when it comes to transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials; it demands expertly trained people, specialist equipment and safety systems. Chemcouriers offer a premium service specialising in the safe transportation and handling of packaged chemicals, hazardous materials and dangerous goods nationwide. 

Day definite LTL and FTL express services to and from any postcode in Australia

Your products are picked up and controlled through our comprehensive branch network allowing you to move your freight through one provider to any postcode in Australia.

Our team follow strict safety practices providing you with the peace of mind that your freight will be delivered in the safest and most compliant way, find out more here.

Direct linehaul into our regional branch network

Direct line haul into our regional branch network means your freight is not cross docked via capital city hubs, minimising the risk of damage and reducing lead times.

If you are regularly sending freight into regional areas, take advantage of our direct transit units by talking to our team about frequency and volume.

Full truck, rail and coastal – multi modal options to best fit your business

When you have a full truck load of products or equipment to move, there are some significant efficiencies that can improve transit times, reduce freight handling and enhance quality.

Our dedicated multi modal team focus on finding the best option to drive cost reductions, improve transit times, reduce freight handling and enhance quality across all multi modal functions.

Our nationwide FTL direct delivery service means that the truck that picks up your freight will directly deliver it to the customer. This means no double handling of your product, reducing the risk of damage.

Take advantage of our multimodal services by talking to our team about frequency and volume.

Online freight management tool

Want to generate an accurate quote online using your freight rates? Create consignment note in less than 10 seconds? Print a label for your freight? Our online reporting and freight management tool is integrated into one total solution to seamlessly manage your entire supply chain.

Our online reporting and freight management tool is backed by the ADG code to validate your dangerous goods paperwork, reducing compliance risks and administration time, find out more here.


Product return services

Third party pick ups or returns can often cause unnecessary inconvenience due to poorly presented freight or a lack of consignment paperwork. MoveIt is a service offered to control the process from pick up through to delivery. For an additional charge, the Chemcouriers team will generate the consignment note and freight label, with the driver tasked with labelling the freight at pick up. MoveIt ensures the pick up and delivery instructions are met when you or your team aren’t in control of the despatch process.

Retail distribution centre delivery window management

We understand that strong working relationships and delivery performance with wholesale and retail chain distribution centres (DC’s) are critical success factors. For this reason we provide daily delivery services to FMCG (e.g. Bunnings) DC’s across the country.

Each of our decentralised branch operations have a dedicated timeslot coordinator on site to build rapport with local DC team members, ensure strict delivery deadlines are met giving you peace of mind around important retail deliveries and making sure your valuable brand image with major customers is maintained.

Pallet control

Our dedicated branch based pallet controllers discuss and agree on pallet management arrangements prior to despatching freight, so that a robust process is set up to save time and money


How we support your business

Peace of mind that your domestic freight will be delivered

Utilising specialised segregation devices we are able to efficiently and legally transport multiple classes of dangerous goods within the same vehicle. This means your products will not be left behind, meeting your delivery time promise and securing sales revenue from your customers.

Owner drivers deliver your domestic freight

Our dedicated Chemcouriers Owner Drivers care for their vehicles, presentation and customers. With their income linked directly to the service they provide (not the hours they work) your teams will value the difference in attitude and customer service they provide. All owner driver vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking to ensure that the fleet can be managed, monitored and planned effectively.

Purpose built facilities

Raised docks allow loaders to have better line of sight when loading your product. The latest materials handling equipment ensures safe and efficient freight movement. Open plan offices provide clear communication and operation visibility. It is all about minimising risk and making your life easier when we are moving your valuable goods.

Want to talk to a local person about your freight movements?

Our decentralised customer service teams are located in each branch, making decisions as close to customers as possible. This provides timely, accurate information on shipment status, reducing the time your team may spend on the phone chasing down responses.

Our local branch network means we can understand our customers’ businesses better, make fast decisions and recognise opportunities which simply aren’t apparent when doing business at a distance.

Take advantage of our domestic transport services by talking to our team about frequency and volume.

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