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Nationwide Dangerous Goods Transport

There are no shortcuts when it comes to transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials; it demands expertly trained people, specialist equipment and safety systems. Chemcouriers offer a premium service specialising in the safe transportation and handling of packaged chemicals, hazardous materials and dangerous goods nationwide. 

Australia-wide Dangerous Goods Transport

Need fast connections for your nationwide hazardous freight? Our express freight service means your intra and interstate dangerous goods freight will not only move in the time frames expected but will move in the safest way possible. As a specialist hazardous materials carrier we ensure safety and compliance by using the right tools, following strict safety practices and sourcing specialised equipment, find out more here.

Metro Transport

Are you after a local service for your dangerous goods transport? With regular same day and next day delivery services we will expertly manage and allocate vehicles for your across town requirements.

Full Truck Load Dangerous Goods Transport

Business is thriving and you have a lot of freight to move or a large project to fulfill; Chemcouriers offers “full” and “half” load options to compliment your general day-to-day distribution requirements.

Hazardous and Non-hazardous Warehousing

Our Hazardous Substances warehousing facilities are temperature controlled, dry, safe and secure segregated facilities with fire protection set up for hazardous substances warehousing. All materials are stored according to their dangerous goods class and comply with the highest of safety standards. 


The transport of dangerous goods and management of hazardous substances are heavily regulated in Australia through federal and state government requirements. Our operating processes, sophisticated safety practices and emergency procedures meet or exceed all Australia’s strict dangerous goods transport standards and regulatory requirements, find out more here.

Track & Trace and Freight Management - Mainchain

Mainchain is our online customer portal; a hub of information at the tip of your fingertips, whenever you need it. Want to know exactly where your freight is? Want to generate an accurate quote online using your freight rates? Create consignment note in less than 10 seconds? Print a label for your freight? Mainchain is the place you will find these services and more, find out everything here.

Customer Communication

Have a questions and want a quick response from one of our team? Our customer service teams are located at our transport branches, not centralised and removed from the freight transport.

When you have dangerous goods freight to move, ease your worries and take advantage of our knowledge and training in all facets of dangerous goods transport by contacting our team today.

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